What is a casement window?

What is a casement window?
February 9, 2019 ef_admin

A casement window is usually chosen for a tall, narrow opening. The windows are attached to side-mounted hinges to the side of the frame and pivot open and closed horizontally. Though casement windows are most frequently installed above sinks, countertops, and appliances, they are suitable for any room in the home.

You can choose from a variety of design features, such as:


  • French
  • Flat top
  • Pushout
  • Top down grille
  • Colonial grill
  • Prairie grill
  • No grill


Your casement windows can be custom-made to the exact size and in the precise colour you specify and look fantastic in a variety of materials. Typically, casement windows are constructed using wood, steel, cladding, fibreglass, vinyl or aluminium.

Opened and closed by a crank, handle or lever, the majority of casement windows open fully, allowing air to pass freely through the opening. A casement window can catch a breeze and direct it into the house, offering great natural ventilation properties.

Casement windows are the second most energy efficient type of window. As the window sash presses against the frame when closed, an airtight seal is formed, as such air entry and leakage is kept to an absolute minimum. They require a fully reinforced frame and reinforced sashes as full reinforcement will prevent your casement windows from distorting as they age.

Muntins are the strips of wood, vinyl, metal or fibreglass which divide panes of glass in a window. Sometimes muntins are desirable, but not always. If you don’t like muntins, casement windows are a great option. In dual-sash casements, only a single strip between the two sashes separates you from the great outdoors and with single-sash casements, there are no muntins at all, giving you an unrestricted view from your window.

If you are looking for a secure option, casement windows are in fact very difficult to break into. Their locks are shaped like hooks and embedded into the frame, making them untouchable.

Casement windows look fantastic in both traditional and modern properties; if you have an opening suitable for this classic design, call us now.