What a staircase can do for your home

What a staircase can do for your home
January 25, 2019 ef_admin

Choosing the right staircase for your home can be a difficult decision, as there are certainly a lot of things to consider. What kind of effect do you want it to have? What colour would look good? What’s the best material? Whatever matters to you most, whether it’s style or quality, it’s always good to consider all the options available for you so that you can pick the best one for your home. To help you with this, we’re going to tell you about a few specific types of staircases you can get and what their best features are.

Why having the right staircase is important

Firstly, before we get into all the different types of staircases available, we wanted to talk about why it’s important that you find the right one. For example, if longevity is something that matters most to you, you need to know which kind of materials are the most long lasting. A new staircase is a pretty big investment, so you want to invest into the right one!

If your preferences are quite specific or you want it made to your unique requirements, we have a team that can work with you to make your very own bespoke staircase. This means that it will be made to measure and done exactly the way you want it, with your preferred material and colour, and with a handrail designed to your request. We have the right skills and experience to build the perfect staircase for your home, and you can watch the progress unfold right before your very eyes.


If you want a particularly luxurious and classy look running throughout your household, we would definitely recommend that you go for a mahogany staircase. The best thing about mahogany, is that it works well in both old fashioned homes and modern ones. It can be easily turned into whichever is right for you. However, the colour of this is a very dark brown, which could be tricky if this doesn’t fit in with the colour scheme you already have, but if you want to make a bit of a bold statement and have it stand out and create a unique touch, we’d say go for it! It’s not just about the appearance too, as it’s also a pretty sturdy material so will serve you well and make the investment a good one.

Curved staircase

More often than not, curved staircases are found in bigger homes. Straight away, they make your home look very classy and grand, so if that’s the kind of look you’re wanting to create, this could be the type of staircase for you. Curved staircases instantly become a focal point and are certainly a feature to impress your guests, and they can be made with all kinds of materials. Though they are luxurious made from any kind of material, making a bigger investment into something a little more expensive like marble, can have a profound impact on the value of your home.

Oak wood

Oak is a very high quality and long lasting wood used on staircases. It’s one of the most popular amongst homeowners and tends to stay in great condition for a long time. Although not prone to damage or wear, oak is actually very easy to craft and make changes to, so if you ever want any work doing on it, you can arrange this with little hassle. It’s also a great material from a design point of view, too, as it’s a good mid point between a light and dark brown and will look good with almost any colour scheme. It’s also quite grainy looking, which can be appealing and add a little something to the design of your home.

L shaped stairs

L shaped stairs are pretty self explanatory in their appearance. They basically turn your staircase into something more than just a walkway from one floor to another. It can become a bit of a focal point and add to the design of your home. Whether the turn in direction is at the bottom, top or in the middle, it adds a new dynamic to your house.

If you need some advice on the installation of a staircase, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01787 224 535 or you can send us an email and our team will respond to you with all the necessary help.