Popular kitchen design trends right now

Popular kitchen design trends right now
February 12, 2019 ef_admin

We provide a tailor made joinery service for kitchens. Your kitchen is one place in the house that you spend quite a lot of time, and so you want it to look good. Whether you’re cooking a meal, or dining in there with friends and family, your kitchen needs to look and feel great, and one way to do this is by keeping up with trends and making sure it’s designed the way you like it. You can also personalise this so that it has your own unique touch.

Do you think it’s time to switch things up?

Islands and breakfast bars

Nowadays when people are having a redesign of their kitchen, something that a lot tend to opt for, is an island built into the centre. Not only does this look great and can make the area seem more spacious, but it’s also ideal for social purposes, too. Having an island in your kitchen can essentially become a whole new dining area for you to sit down and enjoy your meals with loved ones. A similar concept to this, is turning a segment of your kitchen units into a little breakfast bar with some stools. This allows you and your family to sit together and enjoy breakfast in the morning in the comfort of your kitchen.

Not only are both of these trends practical, but they also look pretty great too. Having an island or breakfast bar built in can switch up the whole look and feel of your kitchen. They look quite classy and luxurious, and leave you feeling like you’re in a brand new kitchen.


Lighting is quite broad, but choosing the right lighting for your kitchen is the key to it looking fantastic. One trend we’re noticing at the moment, is hanging lights. And these go particularly well with islands. Pendant lights are one kind, and they are quite low hanging (hence why they work with islands – where nobody is walking underneath them!) and tend to be displayed in rows or three or four. They make your kitchen look very elegant, and as the light is focused in one area, the rest of the room can be quite dim, creating the perfect mood.

Another kind of lighting that’s quite popular at the moment, is under-cabinet lighting. This gives light focused and intensified on a particular area, and that can be really handy if you’re preparing food for example. These are a good option if you go for hanging lights, where parts of your kitchen can be left a little dim, as it just allows you some extra light if and when you might need it.

Pastel colours

Whether this is the paint on the walls or the colour of the accessories in your kitchen, people seem to be loving pastel colours at the moment. Primarily pastel blue and pink, these pale colours look surprisingly nice and well suited to the kitchen environment. As a lot of people tend to do for plain colours, like black, white and grey in their kitchens,pastel colours are fun and allow you to change things up and be different. It can be done as subtle or intense as you’d like and still look great and capture people’s attention.

Big and bold patterns

As kitchens are one room in the house we tend to keep a little more toned down and simple in the way of design, something that people are loving in 2018 is big and bold patterns. It’s quite a dramatic touch and gives the room its own unique flare.


People are loving white in their kitchen right now. There are a lot of reasons why it’s a popular colour in home design, but now more and more people seem to be integrating this into their kitchen and making it the primary colour in there. Many go for all white walls and units, with accessories of a bright, bold colour for contrast. White cabinets will match just about any kitchen design and always look classy and elegant. Furthermore, white marble is very popular too, and so the two together make for a very sleek, clean, and spacious looking kitchen.

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